Who are we?

Creative Director & Founder

My name is Tessa. I have a B.S. in Agriculture Business Management specialization and a Professional M.S. in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. In the past, I worked as an Americorps *VISTA Volunteer addressing issues relating to poverty and hunger. I studied in Texas where I did research on food security and community gardens.  In France, I learned Industrial ecology, eco-toxicology, and sustainability. I conducted biodiversity field research in Costa Rica before returning to live in France with my two pups and husband. I believe in the power of individuals and communities for change. I believe where bureaucracy fails to find solutions we can step up to do so. Most importantly, I believe each of us holds the key to shaping a better tomorrow, we just need to work together to unlock it.

Logistics Coordinator & Product Assistant

My name is David. I am completing my B.S in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics at Texas State University. During my experience in manufacturing wood based products for a carpentry business, I observed the need to push towards more efficient forms of production. The implementation of these methods should minimize the negative impacts to our environment and human health. It is long over due for manufacturing industries to look towards more sustainable practices. Engineering and product design is an art. Art is a powerful tool. I believe art can not only be used  for industrial progression but for positive social activism.